Spaces Available


Room 4 – 18ft x 16ft = 288 square foot

Room 1.3 – 22ft x 22ft = 484 square foot

Room 2.4 – 17ft x16ft = 272 square foot

£19 per square foot — Charity discount available

Whether you are just starting out or perhaps you’re expanding your business or voluntary organisation, this space can be provided for almost any use.

We are the local Community Hub—we are a Charity and we offer great discounts for other charities and voluntary groups.

If you want to separate home and office once more this space is for you!

Reception service Mon-Fri (8:30am-5:00pm)

Kitchen facilities

Heating and lighting

Onsite free car parking available

5 minutes walk from Goole train station

Open to Voluntary and Non-Voluntary organisations